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If you are thinking about traveling to the Amazon Rainforest, you should invest in an unforgettable natural and cultural experience. We offer ecotourism and experiential ecotrips to one of the last regions of pristine Amazon Rainforest in Ecuador, offering several travel programs that combine the Tiinkias Ecotourism Center, an innovative community-ecotourism project, with Kapawi Ecolodge, one of the worlds best ecolodges.

Our travel itineraries are designed for small groups in order to provide a deeper and closer look at the Amazon Tropical Rainforest. You will take part in natural and cultural activities that allow you to experience the rich biodiversity of the tropical rainforest and its close relationship with the culture of the local Achuar indigenous communities.

Our travel program is also part of a broader conservation and sustainable development effort together with Pachamama Foundation and the local communities of Makusar to promote biodiversity conservation and cultural preservation. For more information, click here.

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