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kapawi-amazoniaWe have partnered with Kapawi Ecolodge, an award-winning indigenous community ecotourism enterprise in the Amazon Rainforest of Ecuador, to offer conscious and responsible travelers the opportunity to engage in authentic cultural experiences with people of the Ecuadorian Amazon.

When Kapawi first opened its doors in 1996, it represented a pioneer ecotourism joint enterprise in Ecuador and the region. Kapawi was developed as an economic alternative to support biodiversity conservation and cultural preservation, while creating employment and income for local Achuar families. We have worked with the Achuar since our beginnings, and partnered with Kapawi in 2018 to coordinate its complete renovation of cabins and grounds, and help redesign their river, forest, and cultural travel experiences.

We offer a deep, authentic, and cultural experience, three key aspects of our travel purpose. Flying on a small chartered plane 160 kilometers over the Amazon is wild, as it is hiking at night in the Rainforest.

kapawi2Observing pink river dolphins while paddling an Amazon river is wonderful. Appreciating the sunset from a hammock in our hearth house by the river can produce a contemplative moment. Experiencing the Achuar life in the Amazon Rainforest is unforgettable.

Key social, economic, and environmental standards were an essential part of the original 1996 project, and 25 years later remain sustainability objectives of our close partnership. Kapawi Ecolodge remains fully owned and operated by the Achuar communities, training and employing 100% of its staff from the local communities, and working along the local value chain to generate additional income for local producers and service providers. A percentage of every traveler's income is used to support community education, health, conservation, food security, and sustainable production needs. Kapawi also works to implement environmental standards to reduce its footprint, such as 100% energy consumption provided by solar cells.

It wasn't until 2020, however, that Trek Ecuador and Kapawi Ecolodge realized we had to further evolve to create a deeper connection between traveler and destination. To do this, we reinforced our work with our partners and friends, and increased our collaboration with the local communities. As described in our sample itinerary, a deeper community engagement and interaction will let you be part of the relationship that the Achuar people have with the Amazon Rainforest. We hope that this opportunity for close interaction and immersion in the Achuar world will inspire you to ponder your own relationship with nature and society, and help you take new actions in life.

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