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There are several unique events that lead to the design and development of this project. Everything started when the people decided to create a Preserve in order to protect several species of representative Amazonian fauna and flora. This was the first step taken in developing tourism, acknowledging the fact that visitors want to observe as much fauna as possible. An area of mostly flooded forest was identified as the site where tourism activities should take place.

The TEC has several unique attractions. The most important is the black water lagoon located within it, home to several representative species, including: giant otters, several species of monkeys, several species of caimen, many species of birds, etc. Since no hunting or fishing has taken place since 2.003, the Preserve offers great opportunities for observing wildlife.

This singular factor has generated an attractive setting for the development of tourism:

  • The Tiinkias community was founded in order to protect the Preserve. This, over the years, has produced a unique relationship between the local population and the surrounding fauna and flora. This is a relationship of mutual respect, where the people live in harmony with their surroundings. This can be specially observed in the local school, where the students learn how to coexist in respect with the surrounding environment.
  • The Tiinkias community, since its foundation, has also recaptured several ancient traditions which were slowly being lost. This has now been integrated into the tourist activities, allowing visitors to learn about ancient Achuar traditions, while giving a sense of pride to the local population for preserving the Achuar culture and traditions.


This is part of the experience while visiting the TEC. The visitor not only observes the most important natural aspects of the Amazon Rainforest, but he/she combines this with cultural ancient aspects of the people who inhabit the Rainforest. All this in a pure, natural, and unspoiled environment. This makes the experience unique and very special.

To be able to host visitors, the TEC includes a camp/lodge near the community of Tiinkias. This camp/lodge has been built to accommodate small groups, and is the center of all operations in the area. The camp/lodge has a house used as a kitchen, dining, and social areas. Another house used for cultural activities with the local population, 3 small cabins for visitor accommodation, and a restroom and shower area.

The TEC is usually combined with a visit to the award-winning Kapawi Ecolodge. This allows the visitor to experience the Achuar territory, combining an unforgettable cultural and natural journey.......

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