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We are not the only tour operator offering travel itineraries to the Galapagos Islands or the Amazon Rainforest, however, we have taken the time to develop what we believe are unique travel experiences. The following paragraphs provide a summary of what to expect of our tours.

Amazon rainforest

Ecuador Amazon BirdsImagine flying 180 kilometers on a small aircraft into the last remaining region of pristine Amazon tropical Rainforest in Ecuador, to spend time with the local people, learn their ancient traditions and how they relate to their environment, while directly supporting two ecotourism projects run by the local communities: the Tiinkias Ecotourism Center, www.communityecotourism.com, and Kapawi Ecolodge, www.kapawi.com, one of the world's top 50 ecolodges. All this, during a travel expedition that can range from 6- to 10-days.

For more detailed information on our Amazon Achuar expeditions, travel itineraries, prices, departure dates, and more, visit our Amazon Tours page.

The Galapagos Islands

Galapagos Pinnacle RockA complete travel experience in the Galapagos Islands involves navigating the Galapagos waters and also exploring its terrestrial landscapes. And considering all the logistics involved in getting to and from the Galapagos, you should really receive the most value for what you are paying. This is why we have taken our time selecting the most responsible vessels with the most interesting itineraries and dedicated guides, and combined them with land-based activities not included in any regular boat-based trip.

For more detailed information on our Galapagos tours, travel itineraries, prices, departure dates and more, visit our Galapagos tours page.

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