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Since 2005, we have created a network of travel allies that promote tourism from an environmental and culturally responsible perspective. We encourage environmental responsibility in the travel chain, and we hope to generate –as much as possible— participation and benefits for the local population. The travel experiences that we design comply with several criteria for best practices in social and environmental management.

  • We only work with local lodging and accommodation companies, all of them family and community businesses. To guarantee that the benefits and remuneration remain in the hands of the local population, we don’t work with big companies or hotel chains.
  • We design travel experiences for small groups to ensure authentic and personal travel experiences.
  • All our travel experiences include interactions with the local population to guarantee an authentic cultural immersion.
  • We strengthen the local production chain by hiring local suppliers, especially for the food. In this way, the traveler learns about local gastronomical traditions and tastes products that come directly from the hands of small producers. We favour a healthy diet based on local products produced by families in the area.
  • We promote travel experiences in areas of high natural value, where travel is a tool for conservation and sustainable development. We believe that the best experiences take place in nature and in contact with the local people who are stewards of these natural places.
  • We work to reduce our environmental footprint. Through the partnership we have with several NGOs and local communities, we guarantee that the income generated by the tourists stays in the place and is reinvested in environmental and social projects.

We support several community projects in the area around Kapawi Ecolodge, deep in the Ecuadorian Amazon, and collaborate closely with Fundacion Mente and Fundacion Pachamama, two local NGOs committed to the protection of the Amazon Rainforest. Contact us to learn more about how you contribute to these projects through your travel experience with us.

Trek Ecuador
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San Pedro del Valle - Quito
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